Saturday, September 13, 2014

Happy 2 years!!

This is few days late but on 9/11 Agent and I celebrated 2 years of him being my forever boy. He has grown up a lot in these 2 years and a lot has changed in our lives. Right now we no longer live in Fresno but in Rohnert Park which is near Santa Rosa. I go to school all day almost everyday ( I get every other Friday off) so he's had to adjust to me being gone for long periods. He does great while I am gone and I come home during my lunch break so that he can go out to go potty. I have taken him a couple places since we've moved here. He loves to go on long hikes I even found a place where he can run off leash while I hike. I have also taken him to the beach. It's crazy that he's been my forever boy for 2 years already. I'm so glad he is mine I couldn't imagine my life without him. And don't worry we celebrated his 2 years by him getting a new nylabone.

Agent sitting in the sand with the ocean behind him

Agent standing off leash with a trail behind him

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