Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Pinnacles final report

Well it has taken me a few days to write this mainly because once I right this I know it will seem so final to me. On Monday I got an update on Pinnacle. As of 7/26/14 he has been adopted. I have not been given any other info. I have no idea how many people or pets he's living with or where he is located. I sent in my information so I am hoping that whoever has him will want to stay in contact with me. I have had lots of emotions since getting the news he was adopted. Part of me is happy that he has somewhere to call home and someone who can love him a ton. The other part of me is sad. It is hard putting in so much work only to have them cc'd and then not be taken by another program. Those who met Pinnacle know that he is a dog who is active and loves to work. My hope is that whoever has him will find him something to do so that he won't become bored staying at home. I hope I will get more details about Pinnacles adoption if not this will be the last update on him.

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