Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Pinnacle Update

So it has been a while since I last posted. I am enjoying Bergin University and have been learning a lot there. I'm not allowed to share a lot of information but I can say I am glad I decided to attend. I am now half way through their 6 week summer program. During this time I have worked with 2 different dogs. Both dogs have taught me so much by working with them.

Now for the update on Pinnacle. As mentioned before Pinnacle was career changed and I decided to have GDB place him. GDB has a new policy that I love. The first week of the month raisers having dogs placed are notified as to where in the placement process there dog is. We are also notified once a dog is placed. Well the other day I got my first update on Pinnacle. I am told he is working with a canine welfare technician on a few things before it is decided where to place him. In the mean time he is staying in a foster care home. They said he really enjoys his foster home and has settled in nicely. During the day he enjoys sometimes going into one of the GDB offices and just chilling while on a tie-down. From the email it sounds like everyone at GDB loves him. I know GDB will do a great job at placing him where he is meant to be. Until then I anxiously await any updates on my red boy.

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