Monday, July 22, 2013

Fun Day part 1

Every year Guide Dogs for the Blind holds what is called Fun Day. It's a day where raisers gather on the campus and are able to meet each other in person, buy things from other clubs, and see what new is going on at Guide Dogs. This year the CA campus held theirs on July 13th. The trip there turns into a weekend of fun. We do so much while we are there that I'll divide this post into 3 parts. This one will describe our first day which consisted of mainly driving. 

So on July 12th my one friend (I'll call her K for this post since there are multiple people involved in this post) and her puppy in training Warren came over to my house and we loaded everything into my car. I had gotten up early that day to fill my car up with gas and went and got us bagels for breakfast. I managed to get all my stuff in the car as well before she arrived at 8AM. Once we loaded up it was time to hit the road. We drove to Fresno first because I realized I had forgotten some of my stuff at my apartment there. Plus we were picking up another raiser and her puppy Frank to go with us. Not sure how we managed but we were able to squish all of us into my car along with our stuff. The only one not squished was Pinnacle and thats because he still has to ride in his crate. Once in Fresno we took the time to stretch go to the bathroom and let the dogs potty too. Then it was back into the car. We drove about another 2 hours then decided to stop at a gas station for lunch (it had a McDonalds inside). It was quite funny seeing the faces of people as we walk in with three dogs. It felt good to be out of the car and to eat. After eating we went to the bathroom then headed back to the car. We let the dogs all go potty too before putting them into the car. Once I got Pinnacle into his crate I realized something was wrong. The door on it would not shut. Took us a while but finally we got the crate fixed and went over and refilled the car with gas. We then drove till we got to the hotel.

By time we made it to the hotel I was tired of being in the car and ready to get to our room. Well of course nothing is that simple when you want it to be. I went inside to check us in and pay for the room. My mom had called ahead to verify the price we would have to pay since my credit card has a limit on it. The price we had been told was in the range of my credit card use so I wasn't worried. Well when I get there the person checking us in tells us that oh there is also a $50 deposit per night that we will get back when we check out. Well that was going to be $150 more. I figured I still had enough on my credit card, but when they ran my credit card it came back declined. They ran it twice and still came back declined. By this time I was stressing out so I called my mom to figure out what was going on. Turned out that extra $150 put it over the limit on my car. In the end luckily I had cash on me from being paid back for the room by the one raiser so I used that and charged the rest to my card. After all that craziness we went to our room to unload our stuff. 

After unloading we met up with some of the raisers from my Bakersfield group as well as a raiser who is raising a brother to K's pup Warren. We all met up at Applebees since it was close to the hotels we were all staying at. They gave us a big table on the patio which was nice. The patio part actually is inside a mall so the dogs got to work on being good at dinner and ignoring people walking by. The food was good and we all enjoyed each others company. After we ate we all went outside to potty the dogs. I'm sure we all looked funny standing in a parking lot saying "do your business" and when they would go get all excited. We made it into a game to see whose dog would potty first. Of course Pinnacle being a pro at going potty whenever I tell him to won. After all that fun it was time to head back to the hotel and go to bed.

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  1. Sounds like it is going to be a fun weekend. We don't have anything like it here in Florida.