Friday, March 1, 2013


So as I mentioned last weekend our group did a puppy swap for a week. I ended up with Nikon a 16 month old golden. He is a sweet boy and is pretty different from Malcolm so it was interesting to work with him and see Agents reaction to him. I haven't really been able to do much in terms of outings this week with Nikon since I had a bunch of tests and on top of that I got a cold. That is not to say Nikon did not get any experiences with me. He did get to go to school with me everyday and he did great at sleeping through the classes. We also went to the mall for a short bit on thursday. Tonight he'll get to have the exposure of going out to eat with me and then miniature golfing.

I have kept tabs on Malcolm while hes with a different family. First day or so he was a bit naughty and tested the boundaries as was expected he would, especially since he's a golden. After that he has settled in with them. He has gone to high school with the daughter, so that is good for him. I am told he has been a bit stubborn about doing his commands but is starting to realize he still has to do them. I figured hed be stubborn about down since that has been something I've been working on (he has improved a lot) but i was a little shocked that he was being stubborn about sit since he always does that one perfectly. Guess I need to trade him out more before hes recalled in April.

Nikon having fun playing (since i do not have a fenced yard i have to have him on a long dragline and hold it while he plays. Since he's so strong for my sake and safety I attached it to his gentle leader.)
Nikon really loves the dog bed I have
Agent and Nikon on a walk together. Agent is making a funny face at Nikon.
This is how Nikon wanted to spend Wednesday while Agent was at Daycare
He decided I made a great pillow
Waiting to go into class
Worn out after a short walk around the mall

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