Sunday, March 10, 2013

Fun weekend

So Agent and Malcolm finally got to have a fun weekend. It started out with us getting up early. My mom and dad drove from Bakersfield to Fresno to visit my sister and I. Once they got here Agent, Malcolm, and I got into the car with my dad and we drove up to Shaver Lake to play in the snow.

Once up in the mountains we stopped at a little store to get lunch. The place had the best tri-tip sandwich ever. Once we ate we headed to where the lake was. Unfortunately there wasn't much snow in the area and Agent kept trying to get into the lake despite the fact it was freezing cold out so we decided to go up a little farther. We drove 10-15 min more and found a great area with tons of snow. The snow was pretty deep so the boys loved it. We put them on long leashes and let them do circles and just go crazy. Malcolm had so much fun that at one point my foot got caught in the snow and he pulled me over, so I have a nice bruise on my knee. After an hr of playing it was time to head back to Fresno. I managed to get some pictures however some have blurry spots on them since Malcolm got a little snow on my camera.
Agent rolling around in the snow
Agent posing for a picture in the snow
Agent walking in the snow
Agent watching Malcolm in the snow
Agent loves to eat snow

Malcolm trying to chase his tail in the snow
Malcolm really thought the snow was a blast
Malcolm trying to catch his tail
Malcolm after playing in the snow sorry for blurry spots he got snow on the lenses

 Once we were back at my apartment my dad, Agent, Malcolm, Princess (my sister's Yorkie who my parent's brought up to see us), and I all took a nap while my mom and sister ran some errands. Once we woke up we went out for a late lunch/early dinner since my dad had to take the train back to Bakersfield. Agent got to stay home and sleep, while Malcolm went with us to dinner. Malcolm went under the table and slept. After we ate we dropped my dad off at the train station and said good bye. After that my mom, sister, Malcolm, and I all went to the mall to do some shopping (ok more like my mom and sister did the shopping and I went so I could get some makeup I needed). It was really crowded since it was saturday night, and of course since I didn't know we were going there did not take Malcolm's bait bag with his treats. He did really good at first, but toward the end he was showing signs of wanting to go home since it was past his dinner time. While at the mall we saw some other puppy raisers unfortunately their pup is to young to be at the mall yet but we had fun talking for a bit. After the mall we all went home Agent and Malcolm had their dinner and it was time for bed.

Sunday we woke up at 8 am to go to breakfast. My mom, sister, and I were joined by my sister's boyfriend and his family for breakfast. Malcolm did great about going under the table and just sleeping there till it was time to leave. If you are in the Fresno area I highly recomend the place called BatterUp.They are opened for breakfast and have the best pancakes ever, and the added bonus they are great about puppies in training. After that it was time to head back to my apartment and help my mom load up so she could drive home. We had lots of fun but yes having Agent, Malcolm, Princess, my mom, my sister (she spent the night so she could have time with her dog), and I all in my small apartment was for sure a little challenging. I will hopefully have some exciting news to share in the next few days so stay tuned.

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