Sunday, March 10, 2013

Big News!!

So I thought it would take longer to get a response, but my leader got back to me pretty quick. So heres the big news. At first I had asked to get another transfer pup once Malcolm was recalled but that was going to be about 4-6 month wait at least and that timing wasn't going to be good for me, so I asked if someone could start a pup for me but unfortunately there are so many people wanting transfers they said it wouldn't be fair. I was kinda bummed since my mom didn't want to start yet another puppy for me. Well some things came up and after much discussion my mom has finally agreed to start my next puppy for me. We have requested the puppy be 10-13 weeks old the older the better so come summer it can move up to Fresno with me. I said that any gender or breed will be fine (though i secretly kind of hope I get one of the female Medford x Trumpet pups) but either way ill be happy with whatever I get. So I will be picking up puppy #11 the same day as I turn in Malcolm which will likely be April 27. Wilbur will come stay with Agent and I while my mom starts the new puppy since he can be a little grouchy sometimes when it comes to pups bugging him, and it makes it easier on my mom. So stay tuned hopefully next month i'll have more details on mystery puppy #11.


  1. thanks itll be fun to have a baby puppy again. I was dreading having to leave empty handed when malcolm was recalled

  2. So exciting! Can't wait to hear more about the new puppy!