Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Whats next

First I wanted to let you know Andrew now named Agent has settled into pet life with me pretty well so far. He enjoys getting to play with toys he use to not be allowed, and he enjoys getting on the couch and bed. He gets a little sad when I have to leave him home while I go to school or run errands, but he never throws a fit like I thought he would.
So what are my plans now that Andrew is career changed? Will I get another puppy? The answer is right now I am taking a break from raising. I will do some puppy sitting for now so that I can focus on Andrew and letting him adjust. I am hoping that during winter break I can get a puppy transferred to me. However, I have to get a few things in order before I can agree to take another puppy on. First I have to find a part time job that will allow me to bring the puppy to work. In the past my parents supported me so I could raise and focus on school, but with me getting closer to graduating from college I need to start getting my feet into the working field. Also I need to make sure Andrew will be ok with another dog coming to live with us (thats why I will be doing lots of puppy sitting). Long as those things go as planned, and a pup can be found for me I will hopefully get another pup at the end of the year. So fingers crossed.

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