Friday, October 26, 2012

Doggy Day care

So with Agent now being Career Changed it has been difficult to find ways to let him burn energy off. I take him for walks every day, but with his energy he needs to be able to run around. Also when he was career changed our cfr expressed concerns about letting me have another guide dog puppy, because he wasn't sure how Agent would do. So it was decided to sign Agent up for doggy daycare. I will take him once a week on Fridays so he can run and play with other dogs. Today was his first day and he was so excited that he tried to grab his leash and help me walk himself in. When I picked him up I was told he did excellent, and had lots of fun. They said his favorite thing was the swimming pool they have, and he made a friend with another golden. Im so glad I found something that allows him to have fun, and allows me a short break from him.

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