Sunday, September 16, 2012

Name change

One of the things I first said when I saw the list of names for medfords A litter was I hope I don't get the names Astor or Andrew if I do and they are Ccd I'm changing it. I hated the name Astor so I was happy I didn't get that. I was kinda disappointed when I heard his name was Andrew mainly cause I know so many Andrews that I knew it would be confusing. Now that Andrew is Ccd and my pet I can change his name. I knew I wanted to stay with an A name so not to confuse him to much. I liked the names Alvin and agent the best. After thinking it over I decided I wanted to change Andrews name to Agent. Reason is he loves to hide in crazy spots like an agent. He is protective like an agent. Plus I'm a criminology student. So I figured that name is what suited him best. I got him a new collar with a name tag that has his new name on it.

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