Sunday, September 16, 2012

Life with a career change

As I said in my last post Andrew was career changed. There are lots of emotions you go through when you hear your dog was career changed especially when they are still young and haven't gone into formal training. I was really sad at first. Sad that I would no longer get to take Andrew in public. I was sad that just when he was getting good at settling in public it no longer matters. Sad that there were many places I wanted to take him no I can't. I was also mad. Mad at Andrew for being career changed at such bad timing. Yes I am keeping him but I had plans to go places and now that Andrew is Ccd his already small list of people who could watch him shrunk even more. I am happy i don't have to worry about him leaving me since me and him bonded so much I worried how he would deal with recall now I don't have to worry. I am happy I get to spoil him and do fun things we use to not be able to do. I already got Andrew two stuff animals and tennis balls which he use to not be allowed to have. He also gets treats every so often which is new for him. His favorite part is now he can get on my bed and couch.


  1. I am currently babysitting Athena, Andrew/Agent's litter mate.

    She doesn't have either of his issues.

    She's really low key and sleeps a lot. (That might be because she's in heat, which is why I have her right now. Her raiser has an intact male.)

    And, she let my daughter walk her.

  2. Here's Athena's page