Thursday, September 6, 2012

labor day weekend

So last weekend was a very fun weekend (no it wasn't just because of the long weekend). It started out on Friday. Friday I normally have class but last friday class was canceled so Andrew and I decided to meet up with his half brother graham and graham's raiser for a fun outing. We met at river park which is a big shopping center in Fresno. We started out walking, and after one lap we decided to switch dogs so they could get use to being handled by someone else. Graham is a lot like medford he really doesn't care who works him he'll listen to anyone. Andrew on the other hand is stubborn and does not like when I hand him off to someone else. He gets really goofy and starts grabbing the leash. So we switched pups, and of course in Andrew fashion he got goofy luckily it was for a short period and as soon as we started walking he was a perfect angel. We did a couple laps, and even went into REI where we worked stairs.
On Saturday Andrew and I met up with my sister and her boyfriend at the mall. My sister's boyfriend's sister and her two kids also joined us. Now Andrew hasn't spent much time around kids, and has shown that he's unsure of them when we have seen them on outings. I got to the mall after the rest of the group so I met them in the food court where we all grabbed lunch. The boys were a little confused as to why I had a dog with me, so I explained he was a special doggy which is why he goes places with me. After eating we all went and walked around the mall. The boys kept wanting to pet Andrew, and Andrew did great with them. First time they went to pet him he was unsure and tried to get little mouthy but after one correction he realized he just had to sit and be calm while they pet him. At one point the youngest got some food out and was right in front of Andrew, but andrew did not go for the food. After a while we were all done. Andrew and I went back to the apartment and crashed the rest of the day.
Sunday Andrew and I had to get up early to pick my sister up to head to Bakersfield. Andrew rode in the back in a crate since my sister was with us. Once we got to Bakersfield we unloaded and waited for one of my friends and her guide dog puppy warren to come get us. We then went over to the Kern County museum which is an outdoor museum of old buildings you can go into. This was Warren's first big outing he is only 3 months old so we had to limit where we went since he doesn't have all his shots. Both pups seemed to enjoy it though poor Warren was worn out after a bit from keeping up with Andrew. Andrew did good, but decided he really did not want to sit for pictures (he soon realized he had no choice we weren't moving on till I got good pictures of him). After the museum we headed to Rosemary's Ice cream where both pups slept while my friend and I enjoyed ice cream. After Ice Cream we went to my house where we let the pups play in my yard. Warren figured out he couldn't keep up with Andrew, so he would wait for Andrew to run by and then would grab the rope toy and play tug with Andrew.
Andrew and Warren in front of museum sign

Andrew and Warren in one of the buildings

Warren wanted to take a nap in front of the old jail

Andrew and Warren went to jail

Andrew with an old train

Warren found an old store he liked

Andrew in jail

Andrew and Warren burning energy. poor warren couldnt keep up

Warren was one thirsty pup. lol look at that big belly on him.

future bffs

Warren says see my tongue is just as big

yes warren actually tried to bite Andrew's tongue
Monday we had to drive back to Fresno. Andrew was a good boy he went into his crate in the car and slept. We had me, my sister, and one of her friends in my car so I was nervous he would be excited but he just slept in the crate the whole way back. We have now made it through week 3 of school and he is still doing good. Andrew has an eval on Tuesday so I will post how that goes.

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