Friday, August 10, 2012

monterey aquarium

Yesterday was a very fun day for Andrew and I. It started out with us getting up and going to pick one of my friends up to drive to Monterey. Once there we found parking and let Andrew go to the bathroom. We then waited for a trolly to take us to the Aquarium. Andrew did great he got on and settled once on. He also got off perfectly. Once at the Aquarium we waited in a short line to give our tickets. When i handed my ticket the lady noticed I had Andrew. She then told me the rules of having a service dog there. I was told i could go anywhere except one small section cause it was a room you walk into that has birds flying around. As I started to walk another employee came up and gave me the same talk I did my best to not laugh. We then went through the entire aquarium. It has two floors with different tanks with different fish.This allowed us to work stairs and elevators. While there we saw fish, sea horses, jelly fish, penguins, sea otters,sharks, and pelicans. Andrew behaved himself and was fasinated by everything. Andrews favorite thing was the pelicans. He sat there watching them and tilting his head trying to figure out what they were. My favorite thing was the sharks to me they are so cool. We spent about 2 hrs in the aquarium. After the Aquarium my friend, Andrew, and I went and walked around a bit. We then went and ate at bubba gumps Andrew did pretty good considering we were sat outside on a wood porch with cracks in it, and birds kept flying by us. After lunch we walked back to my car to drive back home. It was a great day and had great training opportunities.

Andrew by one of the tanks

andrew wasn't impressed with the sting ray

as i took this picture a shark swam by

one of the sharks
one of the sharks 

andrew checking out the penguins

Andrew and I with the Penguins

Andrew by the sea otters

Andrew was fascinated by the pelicans

Andrew with the pelicans

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