Thursday, August 2, 2012

Day 1 &2 of oregon fun day trip

So since our trip to oregon had lots of fun stuff i have decided to divide this post into to parts.

Day1: On day 1 of our trip my friend dropped her stuff and her pup tomales off at my house so that i could pack everything into my car and let the pups burn energy before a long drive. At about 10:30am i loaded the pups into the car and went to get my friend. We drove for about 4 hours before stopping in stockton to fill up on gas, get food to eat, and best of all get a dozen glazed doughnuts from Krispy Kreme. We continued on after that stoping for very short periods to get gas or use the bathroom. Once we reached oregon we made a special stop in Medford, Or. Ever since i raised medford I wanted to go there so i could say ive been to the place my puppy Medford was named after. After stoping in Medford we continued onto Roseburgh where we stopped for the night. It also happened to be where the puppy truck (truck that picks up and drops off pups) was stopping for the night. I decided I did not want to get Andrews crate out since we were only staying for one night, so for the first time Andrew got to sleep on a tie down. At first he wasn't sure what I expected of him, but soon as I turned the lights off he went to sleep. I woke up in the middle of the night and reached down to make sure he was being good. At first I couldnt feel him so i began to worry that he had chewed through his tie down. I then reached under the bed silly boy had decided to sleep under the bed.

Day2: The next day we got up bright and early. Once we got ready we went down into the hotel parking lot where we met some other raisers to play with pups that were on the puppy truck. They were so cute. Andrew wasnt sure what to make of these small things with sharp teeth so it was funny to watch him. We also had fun trying to guess which pup was the one my friend was getting. My friend had been starting tomales for another raiser while waiting for a pup from her pup shawn who had become a breeder. All we knew was he was a male black lab puppy name started with W. After playing with the pups we went back into our hotel room to pack our stuff. Since we had quite a bit of time till we could check into our hotel for funday we decided to go to multnomah falls. One of the puppy truck drivers had told us that it was a great place to take andrew and tomales to walk. We had a great time walking the boys there we even made it half way up the falls. Andrew did great at ignoring people and dogs, and walking slow on the way down since i didnt have the greatest shoe on. We did have some frustrating moments like people letting their dogs run up to andrew and tomales or petting them without asking first. I even had someone look at me and say, " i know im not allowed to pet him" and then proceeded to bend down and pet andrew luckily andrew was good and sat there. I was so stunned i didnt know what to say. After walking around multnomah falls we went to our hotel and checked in. After unpacking we rested for a bit and let the pups play some. We then went and met up with some other raisers who had invited us to dinner. Andrew did pretty good at dinner he got a little excited when a raiser gave their young pup a toy but once the pup was done with the toy andrew calmed down again. We enjoyed our dinner and getting to talk to other raisers. After dinner we went back to the hotel and crashed.

andrew ready for his walk

multnomah falls

a great view of multnomah falls

tomales and andrew by the sign for Multnomah falls

Tomales and Andrew on the bridge with multnomah falls in the back 

andrew with multnomah falls in the back

Andrew and I on our walk up multnomah falls

Andrew saying how much he loves the weather in Oregon

coming down from our hike Andrew had a blast

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