Thursday, August 2, 2012

day 3 & 4 of trip

Day 3: Day 3 was the big day, Fun Day. It started with us getting up and going to the lobby for breakfast. After breakfast we headed to the campus for Fun day. Once we got there we went shopping at the different booths and the gift store. It was then time to head over to the area where the opening ceremonies was being held. After my friend and I walked around some before heading over to the littermate meeting. I got to meet Medford's pups sparton and stanton they were both very cute. After meeting the two pups we walked some more we even went and saw the vet clinic. It was then time to go meet Andrews litter mates. His sister Amara showed up. It was nice to see her, since the last time we  saw her she was a baby. Amara was shorter and thinner then andrew, and she isnt as fluffy as andrew. We then did some more shopping, before heading to a presentation on the breeding program at guide dogs. It was ver interesting to see how the select what dogs become a breeder, and it allowed me a chance to understand what went on while Medford was in breeder evals. After the presentation it was time for lunch. We got to enjoy hamburgers or veggie burgers some chips and a drink thanks to the lions club. The food was yummy even though I didnt get to totally finish since andrew decided to act up since kids were running near him. I have found andrew does not like when kids are energetic around him. After we ate lunch we stopped by the booth where the cfrs put us through some different tests. The first test was to have the cfr check his weight and how his equipment fits him. I was little nervous about this since Andrew can get mouthy when others handle him, but he did great and wasn't mouthy and got and excellent report on his weight and gear fit. Then it was onto greeting people Andrew could have cared less he was more interested in watching a decoration blowing(such a golden) by but stayed in a sit. Then we did some different commands. At the end the cfr was impressed with him.Then it was back to last minute shopping. While waiting for the closing ceremonies I got a call that I had won a silent auction I had put my name down for. The closing ceremonies started with a graduation of 6 guide dog teams. Then it was time for the moment everyone looks forward to the puppy handout. My friend received her grandpup. He is a male black lab named Warren, and he is really small. After all that fun we headed back to the hotel. We invited a former fresno puppy raiser who moved to washington to come over and eat pizza with us. The pizza was yummy. Then we all took turns passing baby warren around and enjoying the puppy breath.

Tomales and Andrew by the welcome sign
Andrew by the Guide Dog sign
Andrew at opening ceremonies 
Medford pup Stanton
Medford pup Sparton
Andrew by some decorations
Andrew and his sister amara
baby warren sleeping in the hotel

Day 4: Not much happened this day. We woke up and loaded the car up. Then it was onto the 14 hr drive home. We kept stops very short since we had Warren with us. Yes we drove 14 hrs with 3 dogs in my car. We had two crates Andrew in one and tomales and warren in the other. On the way back we stopped in stockton again to buy 2 dozen glazed doughnuts from krispy kreme. All dogs did great and slept the whole time. We were very happy to get home.

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