Friday, June 22, 2012

take me out to the ball game

On Wednesday night my dad, Andrew, and I attended a major league baseball game. This was Andrews second time to a baseball game but his first to a major league game. This was also my first time taking a puppy in training to a major league baseball game, so I had no clue what to expect. The game was at Angels stadium the Angels vs giants. A guide dog group in Orange county was having a fundraiser at that game where if we bought tickets from them they got $5 for each ticket sold. I figured this would be a great Fathers day gift for my dad as well as a great outing for Andrew. So that Wednesday we drove down and had dinner at a resturaunt across the street from the stadium. The food was good, and we had a good laugh at the amount of people looking at us trying to figure out why I had a dog with me. Andrew was a good boy he went under my chair and went to sleep while I ate. After we ate we headed over to the stadium I decided to walk Andrew some before heading into the stadium. Once inside we had to navigate the crowd to get to our seats Andrew did great he kept his focuss on me. Once at our seats we talked with other raisers there. After the third ending I took andrew to walk around some so he could stretch his legs, and since there were tons of people a good time to see how he would do in a very large crowd again he impressed me by being calm and focussed on me. After that we headed back to our seats. We did have an issue where people would get up and walk our way and ask to get through which made it difficult for andrew to totally settle like he should. Now i know people need to get through but I find it annoying when they know there is a service dog or service dog in training laying there and instead of going the opposite direction which would have been easier to get out of they still came our way. Over all I would say it was a great trip.

Andrew in front of Angels stadium

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  1. Just a quick note:
    One of Medford's pups, "Spartan" is being raised in a puppy club in-----of all places-----Medford, Oregon.
    The club leader there is a friend of ours. We are just up the road from Medford in Grants Pass, Oregon, but used to live just up the road from Fresno in Merced, California.
    We are currently on our 5th pup, with our 1st working as a guide, 2nd as a K9 Buddy, 3rd cc'd for knee issues, 4th a breeder and 5th just 4 months old. We also have my wifes first guide retired as a pet and her working guide who is still going strong after 6 years.
    Thanks for all you do.