Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lots of catching up to do

So its been a while since I posted. I have been real busy I finished up my third year of college and my sister graduated high school so I havent been able to post. So to start about midmay school semester ended for me and two days later my Fresno group took a very fun trip. It started with me driving to madera to meet up with some other raisers to drive to pleasington to get on BART and ride into san fransisco. When we got to the raisers house i was early so we let andrew and one of their guide dog puppies Tomba play in their yard, and before we loaded into the car andrew got to play with my leaders puppy nikon. The hope was to wear andrew out so he would sleep in the car. It took him a while to settle but he finally did. Once we got onto BART we sat down andrew was good and stayed down though I think he got a little motion sick from riding backwards since there was lots of drool where he was. Once we got off BART we walkes around for a while and even caught the trolly to take us up a hill to a park where we had lunch. Then we worked on commands and even switched dogs to see how they handled being worked by other people. In true andrew form he decided to be silly and grab on his leash and not listen at first but he soon realized he better listen to my leader and behaved. We then headed into union square where we had some free time. I walked andrew around some and got some photos of him. It was then time to head back to BART station. This time i sat forward and andrew did much better he even went to sleep!! Once we got back to Pleasington we all headed over to in n out for dinner. Our leader who some of us rode with was staying in san fransisco so we had to pile 7 people and 5 dogs in one car. Andrew got a little restless on the way back but he was kind of crammed so i couldnt blame him. Once we got back to Madera everyone left and andrew and i stayed to let andrew play with tomba again as well as the familys other puppy in training graham who happens to be andrews half brother. They played for another hour. The next day we headed back to Bakersfield to see my family. After spending a few days there andrew and i as well as one of my friends came back to fresno. After getting to fresno we relaxed and let andrew play some. The next morning we got up early and drove to morro bay where Andrew got to see the ocean for the first time. It was cold and windy so we only stayed short bit but andrew seemed to love the beach. After that we headed to the little town area at morro bay where we walked through the shops ate lunch and went into the really small aquarium. The aquarium has seals and andrew wanted to see them real bad so i was about to lift his paws onto the cement rail so he could see when he tried to jump into the seal tank luckly i caught him and pulled him down before he could jump in lol i guess he thought they were playmates. After walking around we decided to head over to san louis obispo since my friends boyfriend goes to school over there. We walked around the downtown area abit. I worked on stairs,elevators,traffic, and some other stuff while there. We did see a bear statue while we were there and he was little unsure of it but after me showing him it was harmless he was ok with it. After walking around we met up with my friends boyfriend and a friend of his so we could have pizza for dinner. We then headed back to fresno where we then got up and drove back to bakersfield. The day after we got back to bakersfield my sister had her bacculeriate for school and andrew got to attend that. He was really good and went to sleep. After the bacculeriate we all went to the country club my family is members of for lunch. This was the first time andrew had been there they normally dont allow dogs but have made an exception for Andrew. He did great going under my seat and going to sleep. It was funny seeing the shocked faces of people when they realized there was a dog under the table. The next day i met up with my bakersfield puppy group for one of their meetings. It was at the firestation training center. The dogs got to hear the firetruck and go up and down the stairs in one of the training buildings. After that meeting I gave andrew to another raiser who watched him for a week so i could focuss on my sister graduating high school. Told he did good but they agreed he has lots of energy. Im also told he got to go to a river one day and did pretty good guess he tried to eat couple things guess thats the little bit of lab in him. Now that im on summer vacation i plan to do a lot of fun outings with andrew.

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