Friday, June 8, 2012

Andrews eval

Yep it its that time again when our cfr comes to fresno to see how the dogs are doing. So today andrew got to see our cfr for the third time. Andrew did better then the last eval so that was good. We started by walking traffic an going into REI to work stairs and have our cfr handle him. We were joined by anoter raiser and her puppy cider. Andrew did great on traffic and stairs but when my cfr went to handle him andrew got to acting up little more than normal not sure if its cause our cfr is a man and andrew isnt really use to being handled by males. When my cfr went to do puppy handeling with him andrew tried to get mouthy with him which my cfr said is a concern but since hes never done it to someone else not a major convern or worth dropping him for yet. After that me my leader and cfr went into starbucks to discuss Andrew. My cfr described andrew in the best way andrew is an "interesting" puppy he can be good but also very very goofy at times. We did discuss some issues andrew has such as seperation anxiety and getting to excited over people ecspecially little kids or babies. So those are things ill be working hard to fix this summer. Also ill be working on andrews issue of settling on outings he can settle sometimes but not always so i was told to get a mat i can take places so andrew can learn to lay down in one spot. Good news is my cfr os going to ask breeding department to give me the ok to neuter him so that maybe will help with some of the energy. My cfr did say despite these issues he was proud of my hard work and said he can see amdrew has made improvement and still has a shot of one day becoming a guide. That made me feel good to know my hard work was being noticed.

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