Thursday, June 23, 2011


sorry I havent written in a while life has been crazy. I dropped Medford off july 10th at guide dogs for the blind. It was a very sad day. My mom and I drove to san rafael but got there during the lunch break hours so we went to the mall across the street and had some lunch and walked medford around. It took everything I had not to cry in the mall. Around 1pm we went back to the campus and took some last pictures of him and I together. We then walked around some and got to talk to some of the people who work at guide dogs and of course medford worked his charm. The best part was when medford and I got to meet a guide named wil and his partner. I enjoyed watching medford and wil, both big golden boys, check each other out. After walking around we headed to the kennels to officially hand my boy over. Soon as I walked in I started crying. We were allowed to walk medford to his kennel and sit there and say good bye. Of course first thing he did when we put him in his kennel was go for the water dish (he sure loves to drink lots of water). After that my mom and I drove the long drive home empty handed. As of now hes completed his 2nd week of breeder evals.

Now to update on Polaris. Polaris is a sweet boy he is now little over 4 months old and weighs 33ib very small compared to my other pups ive raised. He loves water. His favorite thing to do is put his head in his water dish and blow bubbles and then try to attack the bubbles it is quite funny to watch. He is a very soft temperment puppy so we are taking things kind of slow with him to help build up his confidence. We laugh at him cause he usually is scared of things that you would think hed be fine with and fine with things you think hed be scared of. His one big fear is of talking toys ecspecally if they are smaller then him. guess I have lots of work to do with him.

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