Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Delta Gamma anchor slam

As I mentioned in my last post my sister is a member of Delta Gamma and this past weekend they had some events Pinnacle and I attended. On Sunday Pinnacle and I woke up a little early. I took care of Pinnacle and Agent then Pinnacle and I went for a long walk to Starbucks. After getting my Starbucks Pinnacle and I made the long walk back. Pinnacle got to work a lot on traffic during this walk and was a good boy.Once home we loaded up into my car and drove to Fresno State where Delta Gamma was hosting a basketball tournament for all the fraternities to play in. My sister was in charge of putting together the event and she did a great job at it. Once we were inside Pinnacle and I took a seat at some bleachers. It was very loud with people screaming and music playing not to mention tons of people walking by plus the basketball games going on in front of us I wasn't sure how Pinnacle would do. But he impressed me by staying calm and sleeping pretty much the whole time. He did get lots of attention from people there. I had to laugh though that some people were to scared to ask me if they could pet Pinnacle so they would ask my sister. We were there for about 2 hours then once the event was over we headed home. It was a great training event for Pinnacle. This coming weekend Pinnacle and I will both be very busy again so stay tuned for posts about next weekend.
Pinnacle sleeping through the Anchor Slam event

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