Thursday, September 5, 2013

Snip Snip/labor day weekend

So a week ago Pinnacle, Agent, and I went down to Bakersfield to see my parents since I had a 4 day weekend. We had received a letter from Guide Dogs a week before that saying Pinnacle is not going to be considered for breeding so we needed to get him neutered. I decided it would be best to get him neutered at our vet over labor day weekend so he would have time to be calm and I could keep an eye on him. So last Friday Pinnacle went in and got fixed. They kept him over night to make sure he was ok and I was told he did great. It felt weird but also kind of nice without a young pup always with me. Agent loved having Pinnacle gone since that meant the nonapproved guide dog toys came out.

Saturday morning I picked Pinnacle up from the vet. Boy was he happy to get out of there he ran for the door soon as they brought him out. Pinnacle spent the rest of the weekend in his crate or in our kitchen. Agent on the other hand got to enjoy some fun. I took him out to our pool and let him swim boy was he a happy pup. We noticed Pinnacles area was red so Monday it was decided that he needed to wear the cone of shame. He hasn't been to school this week so that he can recover still. I'm sure he will be happy once he can get out and burn energy again.

Pinnacle in the cone of shame

Agent enjoying the pool

Wilbur, Lobo, and Agent my 3 forever boys 

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