Friday, August 16, 2013

6 months

Today Pinnacle is 6 months old. It's been amazing to watch him over come some of the issues he came with. He can now ride in the back of my car on a tie down without drooling or getting sick. He does great on outings and is very confident. He still has issues to work on but I'm proud of where he is right now.  So now that he's 6 months old here is 6 things I like about him.

1. His confidence. Pinnacle is a very confident pup. Not much can phase him and even when he's unsure of something he is able to work through the fear. 

2. His goofy personality when he's playing. Whenever he plays with his toys he gets really goofy. My favorite thing is when I throw his rope toy and he runs the pounces on it.

3. His white paw. It can be hard to see sometimes in pictures but Pinnacle has white fur on his back left foot. I think it's cute and unique.

4. His cute face. There is something about his face that makes it hard to ever stay mad at him.

5. How smart he is. Sometimes it takes him a little while to learn something new but once he learns something he does great at it from that time on.

6. How great he is at being pet by other people. I try not let many people pet him while he's in jacket but when I do he's great at remaining calm and will sit while being pet.

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