Saturday, February 2, 2013

Fire station

Well today was one of my favorite meetings, the one where we go to the fire station. Malcolm and I arrived early so we waited for everyone to arrive. Once everyone arrived we worked the dogs on commands. We had to wait a few minutes for the firefighters to get back from a call. Once they got back we went into the station. The first thing we did was have a firefighter put their full gear on, and have the dogs approach them. Malcolm was nervous about this strange person, but was willing to go up and sniff him so thats pretty good I believe the ventilator part is what made him nervous. Once the gear was off he was happier and was happy to go up to the firefighter and the gear on the floor. I was a little shocked since hes seen people in different outfits and has had no issue at all. After that we went and toured the firehouse. After a quick tour we had them pull the truck out and turn the fire engine on as well as the lights. Malcolm had no problems with this part. We were able to get some pictures of the dogs on the truck. At the very end they took the hose and turned the water on. This of course got Malcolm's attention and he really wanted to go play in it lol.

The fire fighter who put on the gear

in full gear

Malcolm in the fire engine

fire fighter malcolm. guess if guide dog thing doesn't work out he could be their new poster boy

Malcolm in front of the fire engine

Graham(one of Medford's pups) and Malcolm on the fire engine


  1. Hi Ashley, I was just wondering what camera do you use to take the photos on your blog?

  2. it depends i use to use a cannon digital camera now i use a cannon with changeable lenses