Thursday, February 21, 2013


Fabrica was my third puppy I raised. Fabrica was a female black lab, and my first girl. I received Fabrica off the puppy truck in September, and it was actually the day of homecoming and the day I turned Pascal my second pup in. She was such a cute puppy and had the cutest little zipper on her nose.

Fabrica was a smart girl who I became very attached to. At 5 months old she started going full time to high school with me. It was really funny taking her out in public because people would be shocked when I would say she was a girl cause she looked like a boy. On top of that most people could not say her name they would think I said her name was paprika. Her one issue we had with her was she would get very distracted by other dogs.

I didn't do any big trips with Fabrica while I had her. She did get to partake in my school's homecoming rally when I was a sophomore. The principle and I set it up to prank the school. Our school has a tradition where the guys at school could get there head shaved into a mow-hawk during the rally, so we decided to pretend like we were going to shave Fabrica. Of course everyone panicked at first but laughed once they realized it was a joke. Unfortunately a week or two before the annual guide dog fun day she went into heat, so she didn't get to go which was disappointing. Other than that we didn't do anything big.

In December 1 of my sophomore year of high school she was recalled for training. She was on breeder evals as well as in harness training. Back when I raised her things were a bit different the dogs in breeder evals also did harness training while it was being decided if they would become a breeder or not that way they wouldn't be behind in training. By phase 4 of 10 it was decided if a dog would be a breeder or not. In Fabrica's case it was decided not to use her as a breeder in phase 4. Also in phase 4 it was decided to career change her for severe dog distractions. I was actually excited when she got dropped because I thought she would be my forever girl. Well my parents said no we couldn't keep her which left me heartbroken. It was then decided shed go live with one of my teachers, but two days before we were to give her to him he had to back out. At that point I was hopeful my parents would change their minds, but nope answer was still no.

In the end some family friends we've known for a while asked if they could have her. They had lost their dog a month or so before and were wanting another dog. We arranged for them to come see her and they fell in love with her. The day after they met her they came back over to officially take her home. I cried my eyes out for weeks. The great part is her family lives a few streets down from us, so I have been able to see her and for a while when they went out of town I would get to watch her. She is very loved by her family, and they have a beach house so she gets to go there sometimes too.
Me with baby Fabrica the day I got her (my hair was green because of spirit week at school)
My Sweet Fabrica love her zipper

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