Sunday, January 20, 2013

Fun Afternoon

Yesterday was a busy fun day. Started out with me getting up early to take Agent to day care which he loves to go to. Then my dad and one of his friends came over to my apartment to take Malcolm and I to the snow in Yosemite. Once there we would drive, stop, get out and take pictures and walk around some then get back into the truck. Malcolm loved the snow. After a while we went to a lodge to have lunch. We had to wait a while so I worked Malcolm on the stairs there. Then we were seated and he did great he went under the table and went to sleep people didnt realize he was there till we left. On the way out we saw some kids in snow gear he was a bit confused by these strange creatures he wasn't scared though which was good. Then it was time to head back to Fresno.

Once back we got ready to go to dinner with my mom, dad, sister, my dad's friend, my sister's boyfriend, and two of my sister's friends. After dinner we went to Fresno State's mens basketball game. We managed to have the row to ourselves so Malcolm had room to sleep in front of my chair. He was not phased at all by the crowd cheering or the band playing he just slept. We only stayed the first half since my parents had to drive home that night.

Thursday we started school and Malcolm did great. He went under my desk and slept through my classes. I am really proud of him and the great dog he is.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous pictures! I'm jealous!

  2. Coach is not so good. He still gets up and walks around. Sometimes he sleeps through class. Not usually. Sigh. Malcolm sounds amazing!

  3. the pictures dont do yosemite justice on how pretty it is. Malcolm is an amazing dog