Saturday, February 4, 2012

Andrew news

I am very excited to say that I received the news that my Bakersfield and fresno leaders as well as our cfr are in the final stages of making arrangements to allow Andrew to move up to Fresno with me. Originally we were going to have to wait till summer for him to move up, but after explaining that my schedule allowed me to work with Andrew a lot more than my mom can we were told that the issue needed to be discussed but saw no reason why he could not come to fresno. So far the deal is Andrew can move up towards the end of feb, but can not go to school yet. I agree Andrew would be to young to go to my classes, and that would be to much to expect him to adjust to a new location plus school. My plan is on the weekendswhen no one is there I will take him and walk the campus so he can see what the campus is like then as he gets older this semester allow him to walk a short bit on campus with kids there and start introducing him to classes by taking him once a week and work up from there. I am looking forward to having Andrew in fresno with me.

Also got news that Medford had a date today. That means more grandpups to come.

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