Monday, November 8, 2010

train trip

This past saturday my Fresno Guide Dog group took a trip to Hanford. We rode the Amtrack train from Fresno to Hanford and then Hanford back to Fresno. All the pups did great. The best part was when we were in Hanford we got to go eat ice cream. While we were eating ice cream my group sang Happy Birthday to me. After ice cream we went to a park where we did some doggy obedience games. Medford and I won the game of simmon says. All the puppies slept on the train back to Fresno. After the train trip Medford and I drove home to Bakersfield for the weekend. Medford was excited to see and get to play with Lobo.
Getting off the train in Fresno
Riding the train

Worn out from trip

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