Monday, November 15, 2010

Medford meets Santa

Last saturday was a very eventful day. The day started out with some of the puppy raisers doing a presentation at a church. All the dogs did great. After the presentation we had our meeting at fashion fair mall. There we walked the dogs around and did some obedience. Medford did great except for when we took him to see one of the fountains he tried to jump in. After the meeting I relieved Medford and went back in the mall. Medford got to lay down while I ate lunch. After lunch I took him over to see Santa. Medford was very excited when he saw Santa. His tail started wagging and his ears perked up. When we went up to meet Santa Medford lost it for a moment and started trying to give Santa kisses. Then Medford decided to he liked Santa's beard and tried to chew on his beard. Luckly Santa got a good laugh out of it. After they started squeeking a squeeky toy medford calmed down and posed for the camera. The picture turned out cute.

(sorry pic is blurry it is a pic of a pic)


  1. It's like he was a kid meeting Santa for the first time. :)

    i miss fashion fair.

  2. yes I think he was even more excited then the kids he started prancing in spot when he saw Santa coming back from break. I can only imagine what his response to the easter bunny will be