Monday, April 12, 2010

Medford heads to Bakersfield

Medford at Jonny Rockets
Boy did he get taller

His new favorite way to sleep

Medford & my career changed Lobo becoming buddies

Well after spending a week with my leader in Fresno Medford is now headed to Bakersfield, CA. He will stay there with my parents till this semester of school is out, since this year I am in the dorms. My leader said that her Golden that she is raising fell in love with Medford. So this past Saturday I picked Medford up at the meeting from my leader and drove the 2hr drive to Bakersfield. He was a good boy and slept the whole way. Once we got home Medford got to run around with my career changed Lobo. After running around my mom and I took him out for the first time to a restaurant. He went to Jonny Rockets he was a good boy and slept most of the time. Sunday he spent a lot of time bonding with my dad. I just left him today, and I was told he was unhappy that I left him.

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