Monday, February 3, 2014

Winter Break

Well this post is pretty late but I thought I would catch everyone up on what Pinnacle and I did over winter break. Due to somethings I am unwilling to talk about I am back at Fresno State for one last semester.  I spent most of the winter break taking care of some headaches with the school so Pinnacle didn't do to much traveling. My sister's horse passed away during winter break too so we were also busy dealing with that. Pinnacle did get to have some fun though while we were home he got to go with my dad and I to the country club we belong to and watch my dad golf. He learned how to ride in the golf cart (aka not sitting or laying on the gas pedal), walk nicely on a loose leash on the course, and to ignore golf balls. He did really good and got tons of attention.
Pinnacle on the golf course

Pinnacle ready to ride in style

Golfing wasn't the only fun adventure Pinnacle had. We also got to go to one of Guide Dogs graduations. It was a special graduation as Warren who was raised by one of my friends was graduating as a guide. He is now working in Canada. Also one of Medford's pups Bishop graduated as a guide that day. My friend and I got there early so we walked Pinnacle around the campus and went into the gift shop. After all that we went into the dorm/graduation area to see Warren and meet his new partner. Pinnacle was a good boy and slept through the graduation. After graduation a few of us raisers went to eat at BJ's. All the pups did great and even slept through a fire alarm (there was no fire it just accidentally went off). After that my friend and I along with Pinnacle drove back to Fresno, and she continued back to Bakersfield.
Medford's pup Bishop


Pinnacle at the Guide Dog graduation

Other than that our break consisted of going to stores, going out to eat, and going to movies. Agent stayed behind in Bakersfield and will come back to Fresno midFebruary that way I can spend some one on one time with Pinnacle to work on some things.

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