Monday, April 22, 2013

Puppy assignment part 1

Well I got an email from my leader in bakersfield about my new puppy that ill be getting saturday( my mom is starting the pup for me while i finish this semester so the pup is going to start in the bakersfield guide dog group and then once it gets its shots get transferred to me in fresno). She received a little bit of info on the pup. The pup is a cross and the parents are amici who is a male golden and march who is a female cross. The best part of this is March is Medford's(puppy # 7) sister. So Agent and this new puppy are cousins! It will be fun having cousins under one roof. The pup will be 10 weeks old when i get it on saturday. Look for part 2 when i know the gender and litter letter.

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