Sunday, December 23, 2012

Malcolms first week

On December 16 I went to another puppy raiser's home to pick up Malcolm puppy #10 he is a male golden retriever and is 14 months old. He has a very sweet personality. Well when I picked him up in Bakersfield I was actually on my way to Fresno to take my school finals and since I have Agent I thought it would be too much to have both at the same time while getting ready for finals so he went to stay for a few days with a raiser in Fresno. Dec 19th after my last final I picked him up from the sitter. I then took him to eat at Cheesecake factory. He did great went under the table and went to sleep while I ate. After eating we ran into the mall so I could pick up the last of my Christmas gifts for family. Then it was time to head back to my appartment where he and Agent got to meet. I have been keeping interactions between the two short while they adjust to each other so far so good. The next day Malcolm helped run errands with me. Then I loaded Agent and Malcolm into my car to drive 2 hours to Bakersfield. Both boys feel asleep while I drove so they both are great travelers.

Malcolm playing in the yard

Malcolm posing in his puppy jacket by flowers

Malcolm showing off his silly golden grin

Malcolm with some Christmas decorations in the background

Guess Rudolph retired and Santa decided to let Malcolm be his guide

Malcolm making friends with Frosty
Saturday December 22 was my Fresno Guide Dog groups Christmas party. The party was alot of fun. First we rented a couple lanes to go bowling. We take turns holding the dogs while someone is bowling. All dogs did great Malcolm was interested at first but decided getting belly rubs was better. After we bowled we went into one of the party rooms they have where we do a big potluck. All the food was yummy. Malcolm decided to take a nap while I ate which was fine with me. After we all ate it was time to do the white elephant gift exchange, but we do it doggy themed. I ended up with a cute blanket with two golden pups on it. After that we sat around a little bit visiting. My leader had her 1 yr old grandson there he is very cute. He was in love with Malcolm and thought it was fun to sit on Malcolm and play with Malcolms face. Malcolm was a good boy and didnt care at all. After the party me, Malcolm, my friend, and her guide dog puppy Warren ran some quick errands. It was raining real hard and was getting dark so we decided to spend the night and drive back to Bakersfiled today. Since we stayed in Fresno we took the boys to see Santa and have their picture taken. Malcolm was swweet just walked up to Santa put his head on his lap and looked at him like ok you can rub my head now. We got a great picture of Malcolm with Santa. Warren was very excited to see Santa but was good and sat still for his picture. After pictures we went to Cheesecake factory to eat dinner both boys went under the table and fell asleep. Then we went to my appartment where they ate and we all went to bed early. Today we got up and went to breakfast at a place called Batter up they have the best breakfast both boys did great while we ate. We are looking forward to Christmas I'm sure all five dogs will be spoiled.

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