Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fossil Discovery Center

So I had hoped to have this great story of how Andrew and I went to the Fossil Discovery Center in Madera, CA. Well we did go, but it was not what we expected. The Center was nice and allowed me to bring Andrew thre to look around. Now when I had looked at the website I had figured it would be small but thought there would be maybe 5 rooms to look through. Well I was wrong it was only 1 small room with a couple of fossils out. Main reason I had gone was it was extra credit for my geology class im taking this semester, and I figured it would be nice to turn it into an outing for Andrew. Andrew did great he really wasn't into the bones like i thought he would be. So since it was small once we were done we went with my two friends to check out one of my friends new appartment. We walked around the complex and andrew got to see some ponds with ducks in them there. After that we went to the mall to eat dinner, and went to good will after that to see if they had a desk for my one friend(they didn't). Andrew is now a worn out puppy.

Andrew and I in front of a mammoth fossil at the entrance to the center

Andrew found a long lost relative

Andrew with fossils

Andrew wishing the video on fossils would hurry and end already


  1. hi! My name is Nick and i will be a freshman at Fresno State next year and i was really interested in raising a guide guide! while searching the web to see if it was possible to do this i found your blog. It was such a relief to see that i was not the only person who figured that this could be done!I was wondering how i could go about getting into it. Like i said i will be there late august and i am very interested in raising a guide dog. I have never raised a guide dog before but i have raised three puppies of my own and i have a ton of experience working with animals and especially dogs! I am so happy i found this blog and i am hoping you can help me on my path to raise my own guide dog while in college.

    1. Hi Nick glad to hear you are interested in puppy raising. You will need to contact guide dogs for the blind the website will have the contact information to get hold of the puppy raising department. Tell them you are interested in raising and would like the contact information for the fresno leader Mary Harris. She will be able to give you more details on what you will need to do to get approved to raise. I do know if you are living in the dorms you will not be allowed to raise a puppy as guide dog policy does not allow puppies in training into dorms for safety reasons. However, if you do live in the dorms we are always in need of people to puppy sit even for just the day the dog just wouldnt be allowed in the dorms.

    2. Thank you so much for the great info! i will definitely get in touch with them!I am not living in the dorms I will be living in an apartment. I hope they are allowed in apartments!Is Fresno State willing to work with raisers in taking puppies to some classes?

    3. your welcome. yes puppy in trainings are allowed to live in appartments as long as you have a way to let your dogs get exersise. I raised medford and now Andrew in appartments. I just use other raisers yards to let him play sometimes during the weekend.There are some appartments such as campus place that guide dogs will not approve due to the fact that it is not safe appartment for guide dog pups. I would contact the appartment place you plan to move to and also make sure they are ok with a guide dog puppy living there. Since your in college you will likely get a puppy that will be transfered to you itll likely be 6months or older so it can go to school. Fresno state has been great about me bringing the dogs to school. only claases you wouldnt be able to take the pup to is a lab class for safety.

  2. Ha ha ha ha - that one of him looking at his long lost relative is hilarious! I love it - and sounds like he got lots of new experiences even though they weren't quite what was planned.