Thursday, May 5, 2011

San Fransisco

Well last weekend was very busy for Medford and I. Not only did Polaris arrive and we drive to Bakersfield to meet him, but we also joined my Fresno group for an all day trip to San Fransisco. To start that week I had puppy traded so I had a different dog named Hilton that morning. Hilton is a black lab who is very sweet. Since I was not sure what Hilton would be like that Saturday morning I got up at 4 am to get us both ready to go meet his raisers at their house to puppy swap back and then drive with them to meet my leader. Medford was very happy to see me, and I was happy to see him. He got good review from the puppy sitters. Once we swapped puppies we loaded into their van and drove to meet our leader Mary. Once we met up with Mary we got into her car to continue the drive to the BART station in Pleasanton. The dogs did good in the car considering there were 3 of them. Once we got to the BART station we had to wait a little bit till the rest of the group arrived. We then bought our tickets, and got onto BART. All the dogs did excellent and laid down in front of us till we got to San Fransisco. We then got off BART, and walked about 3 blocks where we met up with Marys daughter Melanie who surprised Medford and I by bringing Medford's brother Montego. Medford was very excited to see his brother. It was fun to watch and see the simularities and differences in both of them. We did have a misshap on the trip one of the dogs had her entire nail break off. We were able to bandage her up, and had her rest the rest of the day. Medford did great on this trip. He was able to potty on the street when I told him to. He was not scaredat all by the crowds or loud noises. After walking around for few hours it was time to head back. Again the dogs did great and slept the whole time on BART. We stopped as a group and had dinner at Baja Fresh on the way home. All the dogs went under the chairs and were very good while we ate. The ride home all three dogs in the van i rode in slept. Overall we had a fun day. I will post pictures another time.

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  1. Awesome job Ashley ! Keep up the good work !