Friday, April 29, 2011

spring break

Sorry this is a little late. Last week Medford and I headed home to Bakersfield for spring break. We both had lots of fun. To start on Sunday my dad and I took medford to the kern county museum to walk around. We got an extra bonus of a huge car show there that day. There was lots of people, loud music, and bunch of distractions. Medford handled everything perfectly. From there we went to go look at some trailers for camping. After that we went to the mall to have lunch at red robin medford was a very good boy and went to sleep under the table. He was a big hit and everyone kept saying he looked like a big bear cub lol. We then ran to petsmart and got things for the new puppy. Medford was a little confused why we bought all these bones and he couldnt have them. We then spent the rest of the day by the pool relaxing. On monday we met up with my bakersfield guide dog group. After the meeting me and one of the other raisers took our boys to cold stone. we then traded puppies to take home till wednesday. Her puppy is young so it was good practice for me to have a young pup, and it was good for the other dogs to get use to a puppy again.On Wednesday me and the raiser traded back dogs. boy was i happy to have Medford will go back in May or June.

Also tomorrow is the big day Mr.P arrives!!

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