Sunday, January 30, 2011

meeting/Home Alone

Well today was a big day for Medford. To start my fresno guide dog group rode the bus from Manchester mall to Fresno state. This was the second time Medford had been on a bus, and he did great. He was little fussy at first because he wanted the gentle leader off, but soon realized that it was not coming off so he settled in under the seat. Once we got to Fresno State the group walked around some and did some obedience. Half-way through I let another raiser work Medford just so he gets use to someone other then me working him. He did pretty good. After that we went into the school library where we worked stairs and elevators and got starbucks to drink. Then it was back to the bus to go back to the mall. Once back Medford and I stayed for the baby puppy meeting (so we could see baby puppy Pelham and so Medford could work in the mall). He did good had few distractions that we will need to work on (aka loud kid toys). After the meeting we went home and I gave him dinner, since me and my roomate were going to run errands. Since he had a long day I decided to leave him home, and decided to try a first for him. I decided to leave him loose in my room with his bones and his bed. Now he has been left alone in my room loose for short periods, and loose in the kitchen when i am in Bakersfield for long periods. However he has never been left in my room for a long period. I was a little worried and moved things he shouldn't have out of his reach. I was very nervous. However, when I got back after 5HRS! I found he had been perfect no accidents and nothing chewed up. I am very proud of him. Next up working on being loose and left alone in the living room.

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  1. Ashley I am so proud of you ! You are making Life better for others. Keep up the good work with My buddy Medford ! Your hard work brought me my Best friend in the World " Lobo" Can not thank you enough ! !