Thursday, September 30, 2010

Kern county fair

This past weekend Medford and I headed to Bakersfield to watch my sister show her steer in the Kern County Fair. Medford did great. He slept through the whole show, and when we were waiting for my sister to get her steer ready he just layed down and watched. He also got to meet my sister's friend's lambs. He thought they were cool. At one point he started giving the lambs kisses. Medford was excelent walking around and not getting distracted. His only problem was he kept wanting to eating the grass. After 4 days at the fair he was worn out.


  1. Is that a gentle leader I see? Is he walking in them better now?

  2. yes that is a gentle leader. he is walking better but he gets a little fussy when he has the gentle leader on sometimes.