Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Medford's first day of summer school

Well this is some what late, but last wednesday I took Medford to summer school. He was a really good boy. First he had to drive 35 min from bakersfield to delano where I am taking a summer government class to get it out of the way. When we got there i let him relieve and went into class where he got to sleep. He wasn't to happy since the classroom was so hot and there was no ac. He layed there for the first 1.5 hrs before the fire alarm went off. After that we had a 20min break where he got to get attention from classmates. Then it was back to class for another 1.5hrs. He was good the whole time, but he was happy when we got home. Hoping to start taking him every monday to help him start getting ready for when fall semester starts.

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